Training, Nutrition, and Figure Coaching

My background in training started when I was a size 14, no knowledge of training or nutrition, and a whole battery of personal issues and excuses. So nothing you tell me now will surprise me, nor is it a death sentence that will hold you back from achieving your fit bikini body or stepping out on stage for the first time. Fourteen years of experience as a trainer and ten years as a pro figure competitor has given me an eye for seeing the potential in those just starting out and helping to transform that potential into hard, lean, sexy muscle.

I earned my Bachelors degree in dietetics from an accredited university. So unlike most "diet coaches" or "nutrition consultants" you are going to get a safe, sound, nutrition program that is more than just "chicken and broccoli" that will really help you achieve your goals. And because I am trained in medical nutrition therapy, I can design a diet program around most medical conditions, allergies, and intolerances. The most common feedback about my programs is the VARIETY of foods you get to eat! Based on your body type, eating lifestyle, and goals I will create a totally customized eating program with supplement suggestions if you so choose. No cookie cutter programs here! There are many ways to prepare for competition. But I never recommend unsafe practices like cutting water, or doing hours of cardio. Some people call it "If It Fits Your Macros" (#IIFYM), or flexible dieting, using a variety of clean foods and a few of your favorite cheats if we can make it work. I embrace the challenge of using the foods you like most, within reason, to make this plan work for you.

Training for figure, bikini, and physique competitions has to be personalized. We all have different bodies with different genetic backgrounds. We come from different histories of fitness, both beginners and advanced athletes. And there's no reason to think that you can't overcome any of that in order to compete. Thin framed, naturally lean, or tall girls have to focus on training much heavier, and growing more muscle to increase their V-taper. Medium to large framed, heavier, or shorter women have to focus more on getting lean and fixing symmetry issues.

Services Available:

Personal Training:

Currently not accepting new training clients, only posing sessions.

Individual Figure Coaching Posing & T-Walk Choreography: $50/hour (plus travel if outside the Delaware County area). You will learn everything you need to know in a 60-90 minute session. Second session available for "dress rehearsal" at discounted rate.

Monthly Subscription for Online Training and Nutrition:
$160 for evaluation, set-up, and first month; $120 each additional month

Includes goal setting, training & cardio programs, nutrition program with adjustments as necessary, competition planning for athletes. Weekly check-ins required. Unlimited emails. Includes full diet prep leading up to competition day if starting at least 3 months in advance.

Currently not accepting any new monthly online clients. I am booked up. One time programs only.
Special 3 Month Program: $370: Save $30. Twelve weeks of training and nutrition coaching to help you achieve your physique goals for health, for the beach, or for the stage!
Special 6 month Program: $690: Save $70. Six months of training and nutrition coaching to help you achieve your ultimate physique or competition goals!
Online Coaching for Fitness or Competition Training only:
$100 per month

For those who are comfortable doing their own diet or have their own diet coach. New training programs are given each training periodization cycle (7-10 days). Includes descriptions, exercise, sets/reps/weights/intensity/rests, and some video coaching demos.

Online Coaching for Diet only:
$110 for evaluation, set-up, and first month; $70 each additional month

For those who are comfortable with their own training, or have a local trainer, and want ongoing nutrition coaching or contest prep. Nutrition programs are updated as needed, including a a daily plan leading up to competition day (peak week).

One-time training program:$70

Full training split based on your fitness or competition goals. Weight training and cardio. Can be used for four weeks or longer.

One-time nutrition program: $100

Single menu set-up based on your fitness goals and lifestyle showing full breakdown of protein, carbs, fats, as well as fiber and sodium. Can be used for 4 weeks or longer. Competition prep and peak week also available but not included with this one-time program. Choose monthly coaching instead.
Select: Diet or Training
Both a one-time training program & a one-time nutrition program:$160 for both as described above, save $10
Group Figure Competition Workshop: $125 (when scheduled)(minimum 4, maximum 10)Topics covered include: goal setting, choosing the right show for you, judging standards and the V-taper physique, quarter turns, stage walk, suit and shoe selection, weights and cardio discussion, breaking down your own nutrition, competition prep. Please contact me if you have a small group together anywhere in the US to discuss schedule and travel.

Paypal account not necessary. Services can be paid for with credit card or checking account. Program delivery method is via email. Once programs are emailed there are no refunds. No partial refunds for monthly subscriptions. It is your responsibility to utilize these programs, give feedback on your progress to make proper adjustments to training and nutrition. It is also your responsibility to cancel subscriptions since Paypal sends you the subscription and cancellation information. Any refund given is at the seller's discretion.

For more information and to discuss any questions or obstacles you have keeping you from starting today, please email me and we'll work out a plan.

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