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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 OCB Yorton Cup - Chris Florio

Christ bring his little son out on stage to pose with him at the 2008 OCB Yorton Cup. They ended up winning the Best Poser award! This is what drug-free sport is all about, being good role models for the kids. In ten years this kid will be entering his first OCB show as a real competitor in the teen division!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

National Talkers

Did you see James T Harris on the national news this weekend? He's the radio talk show host from Wisconsin who stood up to address McCain at a rally and proceeded to SHAKE HIM AWAKE! It's like McCain is pulling a Fred Thompson, he's falling asleep on us.

Since we lost Pat Campbell here in Orlando (now in Tulsa, OK) who was replaced with a sports talk show I have felt without a voice from 6-9 in the mornings. Hearing James T speak at the McCain rally on the news gave me an idea that I'd like to blog some of local talkers out there (who should be syndicated) so you can tune in and find your voice.

James T Harris, 620 WTMJ Milwaukee, Saturday/Sunday afternoon
Pat Campbell, 1170 KFAQ Tulsa, mornings 6-9

I'll post some more in a little bit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Clubbing & Working out as "Green Energy"

Very cool idea to collect the energy from the dance floor and cardiovascular exercise.

I've always referred to cardio equipment as the Human Hamster Wheel.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MMA: Affliction Banned

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Affliction Banned

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Help me win a $200 scholarship

This is a REALLY dorky video of me running on a treadmill. But it's for $200, and I need every penny to help me earn my Dietetics degree.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tiesto - Love Comes Again & JT Love Stoned Remix

The best DJ in the whole world! This is on my "Bucket List" to see Tiesto live in like Ibiza or Denmark.

The essential Tiesto: "Love Comes Again" Live

JT's Love Stoned Tiesto Remix

Saturday, January 26, 2008

G.I. Jill, Miss Utah competes for Miss America

Pulling for Miss Utah tonight on Miss America on the TLC Channel, 8pm Eastern.

Sgt. Jill Stevens is a medic in the Army Reserves.

This is also homework for all figure competitors out there! Glide with sass and grace.

Fred drops out. So I'm voting for my 2nd choice.

Mitt Romney.

Why? The economy.

I had a real issue with the slick look of Romney from the beginning. I can't relate to the CEO mentality. But my personal preference for who I prefer to get along with is irrelevant if the job description calls for a star CEO with experience bringing large corporations out of the red. He meets the other requirements for conservatism enough to pass the litmus tests. And he's a little better than the rest of the viable field when it comes to ending illegal immigration.

Why not McCain? McCain-Feingold failed campaign finance reform bill and the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill.

Why not Rudy? He's my new 2nd choice. But he's too much of a lib socially.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huckaboom's dust has settled, I'm over it

After the last few mistakes Huckabee has made regarding geography of Pakistan and Afghanistan, no school vouchers, hearing the full details of his plan for immigration reform (amnesty path to citizenship), wanting to outlaw waterboarding, and closing Gitmo and bringing them here to inland, I have decided to rescind my support for Mike Huckabee. It all came to pass during the last Republican debate when Fred Thompson just strung all those little problems together. And added up it made Huckabee look pretty damn bad. Huck's reponse to Thompson was to side-step with humor instead of answer for his plan and platform. I always thought his humor was great, but now I see it's a defense mechanism for when he doesn't want to justify his standing.

I originally liked Thompson but his lack of energy to garner poll numbers wisely poised me to look elsewhere. During that debate it looked like someone gave Fred a shot of B-12. So I'm hopeful, but not sold.

Like a good many Republicans I'm back into the undecided column. Just depends on what day it is as to who I'm supporting. After the debate it was Fred Thompson again. Then yesterday I was strongly considering Romney because, "it's the economy stupid." Juliani may still make his stand after the primary numbers come out of Florida, New York, and California. I have two weeks left to vote here in Florida. I have my absentee ballot, but will bring in it at the last minute.

Just anyone but McCain.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Muscle Chick Blog added to Blogs for Huckabee List

My blog has been added to the Mike Huckabee blog role! Whoo hoo, we are semi-famous in the political realm!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

PC540: Where did PC go?

PC540: Where did PC go?

Pat Campbell gets fired from 540 WFLA without warning.

Yesterday regulars on the morning commute were shocked to hear the piggish mumblings of Dan Silio, sports jock from 740 The Team. Did they have a connection problem and can't air the feed? A call to the studio lines ran busy. A call to 740 the Team ran busy.

Go to the 540 WFLA website and you are greeted with "Glenn, Rush, and Bud are still here! Now with Dan Silio in the mornings 6 to 9". WTF??? Silio is an effing pig! All he cares about is the new chick working the Winghouse and how he's going to convince her how locally famous he is as a mumbling-like-Madden sports jock he is and the should hook up.

A call to Tom Benson yielded the fake "I understand your concern and they will be taken into consideration." I asked if this was temporary and would they hire someone else, and he said that was not the plan.

The next day Silio is still on and in the 6 o'clock hour talked about how hot the pedophile teacher in Tampa is. In the 7 o'clock hour talked about how hot some football player's wife is. And I just couldn't stomach checking in the third hour and opted to suffer through Jim Turner on 580 who has the personality of a rock, doesn't take calls, and softballs his guests. For instance, he has yet to confront Senator Mel Martinez on his amnesty bill.

Pat Campbell writes an addendum to his blog stating that the reason this came down was because 740 The Team is going to a Hispanic format. NOW the truth comes out! So it seems to me that Clear Channel is trying to hid the fact that they are bending over and taking it in the ass for the Hispanics now. And in turn conservative values have been replaced by a cross between John Madden and Howard Stern. Great, just what this community needs.

This is the man to bitch to: Tom Benson, the program director for 540WFLA: (407) 916-7800

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Huckabee Wins YouTube Debate

Southern Political Report and Insider Advantage conducted a special poll to find undecided Florida voters who would be willing to call in after the debate with a special code to select who they felt won the debate. No polling is allowed after 9pm in Florida so this was the only to truly find out by a REAL phone poll, not some fixed text messaging poll. Undecided voters are the best barometer since they have not made up their mind and liable to view the debate skewed to their favorite candidate.

At 10:30 it was announced that Mike Huckabee won by a landslide.

I think it's the Chuck Norris effect! LOL!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Repeat! NGA Natural Night of Champions

A second win in the NGA this past weekend in Houston, TX at the NGA Natural Night of Champions. Again, a tough win to be had as this time Jesse Grand and I tied for first and a reserve judge had to be called in for the tie-breaker.

Big thanks to Dion Benjamin for putting on a heck of a show! I highly recommend both of his shows in Texas. He will have one in May and one in November in 2008.

Would also like to thank for sponsoring the event. It's sponsors like you that believe in natural bodybuilding that give pro athletes like us the acknowledgement we deserve for our hard work in the gym without the use of steroids and pro-hormones.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee get the Corporal Punishment endorsement for his accomplishments in physique transformation after losing over 110 pounds. He supports preventative health, alternative medicine, and physical fitness. He is also committed to keeping government out of our private medical health lives.

Additionally he is a conservative Republican. Pro-life, pro-marriage, fiscal conservative. He acknowledges home schooling as a real education option. Most importantly, he supports building the double layer fence on the border. - I Like Mike!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

NGA Pro-Am World Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

Winner of the Pro Figure!

My NGA pro debut after earning my NGA pro-card just last November at the NGA American Internationals in Florida. My first pro win after competing as a natural figure pro for 2 years. I made some adjustments in my diet and contest prep and just continued to lean out. That made all the difference along with a confident and relaxed stage presence.

The highest caliber group of atheletes I've ever seen on stage in pro figure. And I know it's only going to get better. Last year's winner Melody Melton. The winner of the two previous NGA pro shows, Jesse Grand, got 2nd. IFPA & NGA pro Tracy Barlow got 3rd. Former IFBB fitness pro Beth Horn got 4th. Lean and sexy Makecia Whitfield got 5th. And just a bevy of other lean and toned pro was amazing!

Jesse Grand requested a friendly rematch, and I have to oblige. So we are on for Houston, TX on November 3rd at the NGA Natural Night of Champions.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The real rules of NPC Figure

Rule #1: Do not listen to anything the NPC judges tell you.

And any competitor who has competed a few times can tell you that the judges will say one thing but score another way.

Case in point, they told us at the 2007 NPC Figure Nationals to relax because they, specifically the head expeditor backstage on "orders" from Sandy Ranalli, told us not to overly arch our backs or flex hard as they do not want a hard look. Steve Weinberger, the promoter, even checked all our poses prior to us going out on stage to make sure we did it right, in his opinion, and didn't flex too hard. But when it came down to it the leannest and hardest won each class, except in the overall (which is another story). The overwhelming trend was leanness to the point of showing hamstring separation. Basically, each hamstring is so obvious that the inner hamstrings even make a heart shape under the ass. Top 5 placements were sporting between a 7% and 8% bodyfat range as well as water depletion which shows more separation.

After the show it was really difficult to get feedback and the score sheets. But finally a month later I got a response from Sandy Ranalli, head of the women competitors in the NPC. She said I looked like a bodybuilder. But she neglected to recall that the judges' scoring had 3 competitors in the top 5 who were larger in muscularity than me. She said that not every competitor can be in the elite levels of competition; that you have to have a "special something" that sets you apart. What I want to know is what "special something" the gorillas in the third call-out had over me! They were fatter, less symmetrical, and overall 3 of them were larger than me!

Another case in point, is the recent NPC Florida State show a couple weeks ago, a national qualifier. Peter Potter, the central Florida disctrict chairman and head judge of this show, specifically told the figure competitors prior to the show that he didn't want bodybuilders, he didn't want the competitors to flex, and that if they wanted to be muscular and flex that he would switch them to the bodybuilding class right then and there. HOWEVER, guess who he called out in the first callouts, and how the judges scored? You guessed it, very lean, very muscular, and very hard looking. Also note, they were all flexing traditionally with flared lats and flexed legs. Peter Potter did not consult any of the other judges for the first callouts, he just called them out as he saw them. There was no discussion until the very end of the callouts where it can be assumed he only asked the other judges whether they were done scoring. Therefore, the callouts were all his own choices and preferences. Additionally, in the middle height class of about 13 very high caliber competitors, he called out the top two girls in the class at the very end for additional comparison. They were the largest in muscularity, and in the top 3 of leanness in the class. They were probably 8% bodyfat. They ended up placing 2nd and 3rd and the first place competitors was still comparable in size and leanness. It was overall a typically traditional NPC physique that we expected all along, not the softer physique they speak of backstage.

So.....based on the placements at the national level shows, and the larger national qualifiers, do you honestly believe the NPC is rewarding "softer" physiques? Do you think you should listen to what the judges are saying? Hell no! Study the photos and watch the trends. That is the only way to succeed in the NPC....along with prescription diuretics and clenbuterol which are freely talked about backstage by some of the top competitors. (And if they don't talk about it you sure as hell can hear it in their voice or see the side effects in their face, teeth, and skin) Figure competitors are not drug-tested even at the NPC "natural" shows, including Figure Nationals (Team Universe).

I can not speak on politics as that is the elephant in the living room no one honestly speaks about.

-The judges are truly drawn to familiar faces and the expectation that a good placement at one show will place well at the next, even moreso if you make improvements.

-Having one of the big name trainers is NOT necessary as crap comes out of all the camps too. Yes, even Mike Davies and Kim Oddo have girls who don't place at all...but they sweep those names under the carpet and don't publish their names/pics. They will only speak of the success stories taking credit for all the COMPETITOR'S hard work. There are plenty of top placers who train themselves or work with very successful trainers who aren't necessarily known at the national level. So if you are already 75% there, just keep going, you'll get there. Don't give them the glory of the years of work already behind you that YOU DID on your own.

-Girls known in the natural circles can expect an uphill battle. If you do not have a website or make yourself known you can usually fly under the radar without being black-balled. Enforcement of remaining an "NPC" competitor from the time of qualification to the time of national competition is hardly enforced. Just don't shout it from the rooftops and you'll be fine. Don't worry, you aren't the first one to break any rules! LOL! And if you are a high caliber competitor then you shouldn't have any problem re-qualifying at another NPC qualifier prior to your selected national show. Generally you only have to make top 5 to qualify.

-And if moving up the NPC stream is your choice in life, then definitely don't talk shit like I do. LOL!!! As you will notice you will never hear an IFBB pro or top national level competitor speak ill of the NPC/IFBB.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where's The Fence?

This is hilarious!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

300: The continued discussion

I am still getting comments and emails regarding my post on the movie 300 and how it sparked my thinking in relationship to current American culture and the war in Iraq. The latest comment accused me of idiocy in relating a comic book to current times, but they failed to realize that the Spartans indeed existed and with some further research you'd see a bigger picture of their history and culture. So I'm going to repost my comment to them here to give the discussion a bump.


I love the discussion this topic is drumming up. It's driving the liberals crazy because they have erased the warrior archetype out of their memories. I am in fact applying the history and legend of the actual Spartan culture. The graphic novelist of 300 applied that history to his work, and after seeing the movie based on his work my curiosity was peaked enough to do some research on my own on the history of the Spartans. And what I found was a very gruesome way of life. Much harsher that I would prefer to live in. But there were many laws, values, and mores that I believe to be superior that we lack in our own American society.

Primarly, the warrior archetype that is held in such high esteem for Spartans, our military used to be heroes in the days of World War 2, now they are spit on in public by hippies and scum liberals. And that archetype is being sanitized away by not allowing our children to express that INTEGRAL part of the personality as heavily researched by world famous psychologist Carl Jung.

Another concept valued in Spartan culture, and being snubbed out in current American culture, is the belief in something bigger than yourself. God, country, family, teamwork...narcissism reigns supreme in our egoistic society. And it's disgusting. It is the root cause of all ills and evils: being selfish.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

NPC Figure Nationals & Team Universe

The entry forms are posted on Bev Francis' website for Team U. I saw that and thought to mysef, "okay now, it is on!"

July 14th in New York City at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. So we are 9 1/2 weeks out.

I'm on the treadmill doing incline training as I type this. I'm very excited about the coming year. Now that 2 of my 3 competitor clients are done competing for awhile my focus is turning back to my own training. I did a one week sprint to lose a few pounds two weeks ago and it worked well. I've had some rest and I'm going to do it again for the next 5 days. My muscle mass is good, so I'm done building except for calves and shoulders. Shooting for 8.5% bodyfat so I can relax on stage and just focus on presentation and have nice tight glutes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Matt Serra ROCKS! (And the greezy bastard takes a beatin)

I blogged a couple months ago about Matt Serra putting Marc Laimon in his place. He went on to win TUF 4 for a chance at the welterweight title, which at the time was tightly wrapped around the waist of Matt Hughes (aka - "that fuckin' farmboy"). However, George GSP "Rush" St. Pierre surprisingly twisted Hughes into a pretzel faster than ropin' a calf and earned the belt away from Hughes. So this changed the schedule to Serra fighting GSP.

Last night, just like GSP got his wish to fight for the title, Matt, "the Terra" Serra, got his. And just knocked the piss out of GSP. It was a "holy shit!" moment for sure. Discussion is in as to whether this could be the biggest upset in UFC history next to Randy Couture and Tim Silvia.

The GSP/Serra fight was second in nail biting suspense only to Diego Sanchez (aka - "greezy bastard") and Josh Koshcek. Diego pushed Koschek at the weigh-ins when toeing the line. And that's the kind of negativity that you bring on yourself and will ruin your mojo. During the fight, Koschek just picked him apart, pop-pop, pop-pop, for all three rounds. An absolutely technical fight with little pizazz, but he still won. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! To quote Koscheck, "love me or hate me, I don't care, cuz he's Nineteen-and ONE!" I hate that greezy bastard, Diego. So I couldn't be happier. He thinks he's called by God to be the undefeated UFC Champion. It's that kind of ego that will ruin you. Serves him right.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

300: a movie about real men

When challenged by a Persian messenger as to how the Spartan Queen dare say anything in the presence of men, she quickly replied:

"....because only Spartan women give birth to real men."

When all the media proclaim that Americans do not want this war, that we only want peace, that we should pullout and cut defense spending, that the terrorists didn't mean it and should be forgiven, that we've forgotten about 9/11, the USS Cole, Cobar Towers, Munich, Lockerby, and the REAL REASON for the Crusades.....when we are in the midst of the wussification of our young boys, teaching them to get in touch with their feminine sides, to not express their anger, when all the media would have you believe that gays and hippies are the norm instead of the reality that they are the exception, and basically deny any aspect of the warrior archetype that is an integral and undeniable part of our human existance and survival......

then why the hell is the movie 300 making so much damn money in the box office? Who are these people that are paying $9 a ticket (plus popcorn and soda) sometimes going to see it two and three times to replay the blood, guts, and patriotism that is the Spartan culture? Who are these people that would vote with their wallets to support a movie that celebrates and remembers those would die for their country, their culture, their values, and to protect future generations?

Michael Savage, radio talk show host of "The Savage Nation" asked if this country even had any "Spartans". The answer was "absolutely, in the form of our US Marine Corps." And even in the midst of our wimpification of our men in this country, we only need those few "300" to defend a whole country. They are to be held up and admired as the heroes they are, not denegrated and disrespected like the media and Hollywood-left does to them. Our warriors of World War II were celebrated and regarded as the greatest generation. The young strong Spartans in today's Iraq and Afghanistan are the same faces as World War II. They are today's Spartans. And we should encourage our children to aspire to be the next Spartans.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Remember "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

See me in the March issue of Oxygen

I'm featured as one of Tomorrow's Cover Girls in the March issue of Oxygen magazine. Subscribers are getting their mags this week in the mail. Should be out on newsstands in another week or two.

Also, there might be an article on me in the next issue of Natural Muscle, a freebie magazine available all over Florida and in California and Vegas, I think. Most Gold's Gyms have the mag. Check it out!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Charities won't accept Strippers' donations

Scores in New York City did a Christmas drive to raise funds for a local charity. But found that hardly any local charities wanted their donations because of their public perception as being an unsavory industry.

Who cares! It's a legal business. Take the damn money. Some kid is going to go without a toy for Christmas, or a family is going to go without a Christmas dinner because they don't want to accept donations from a strip joint. There's a group of adult entertainers who want to give back to their community. Let them.

However, "Toys for Tots", the Marine Corps charity, was willing to accept. Hey, what can I say, Marines love their strippers! Good for them and even better for the kids who will be receiving those gifts.

Toys for Tots is my favorite Christmas charity. So I encourage you to support them and buy a kid a gift when you are out shopping for your own kids this holiday season. Drop it off at any USMC recruiter's office (or at either Scores location in New York City) and many banks have boxes set up too.

Support Scores too, LOL!, the next time you are in New York City. It's nice to know there are adult entertainers out there who care and want to give back to their community.